Sunday, May 8, 2011

Beautiful Moms beautiful Make-up

Article By: Vera Willis/Makeup For Makeup

Hello all of you beautiful glamorous moms out there!  It's just not fair that only the celebrities get to look and feel gorgeous everyday of the year.  I mean really, if you've got it you had better flaunt it and I've seen enough beautiful ladies out there to know that it is possible to get the look you've always admired and not have a guilty bone in your body for doing so!  So where do we start?  Well let's just list a few suggestions that are easy to do with some fabulous makeup to help us out!  Try "Stila's Eye shadow Duo for starters.  This wonderful palette in "Salome" will give you soft, shimmery eyes that will make them stand out in any crowd.  If you want bold red lips to make you feel fierce and to be totally in for summer,  use "Sephora's "Chic Rubt lipstick, with a fair price of $12, you can't go wrong.   Contoured cheek bones are a must for this look so run out and get "Smashbox" Shockwave Fusion Eye & Cheek Palette.  This will top off your glam look and have you feeling like a star, not too pricey at only $39.  The video down below has more suggestions on ways to get these seductiive looks, check it out and get the most out of your makeup!     

Beyonce And Her Mom Definitely Have The Look!

Who says mom can't have "sexy" eyes!

Bold Red lips, A must have for the Glam look!

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